Friday, 6 September 2013


Today was Bastille day, so it was quite befitting to the date that we went to the palace of Versailles. The glistening gold and sparkling diamond chandeliers were exactly what the revolution was about. The people of France despised how Mary Antoinette lived this lavish life style in this palace, while there were thousands of people homeless and starving around France. 

We were blown away by the magnificence of the grand halls which glistened with the glass fragments of the chandeliers and were brought to life with the intricate paintings that lined the ceilings. We then headed to the gardens, which were just as incredible as the palace. Everything was perfectly symmetric and full of verdant hills and bright coloured flowers. It was a really hot day and we had done a lot of walking so we finished the day with a fresh mango and strawberry ice cream which was delicious.

Mohitos at the Louvre

Today consisted of a great deal of exploring the streets of Paris and the occasional stop into an expensive designer stop to admire the beautiful clothes and bags. After a lot of walking, we stopped at a cafe outside the Louvre and drank mohitos in the last moments of late afternoon sun.

The Pompidou Centre

After being blown away by the absurdity of the exhibitions that we saw at the Pompidou Centre, we left for an Italian lunch near by. We walked along the cobbled streets that were brimming with potted plants and little flowers. We also did some more vintage shopping and stopped at Le Palais Royale, which I had luckily managed to coordinate my outfit with.

A sunny day

A sunny morning spent in the park and a raspberry tart later, we walked to a bakery. To our surprise, the bakery was out of baguettes and told us that we would have to wait for the next batch to be baked. We waited, and ten minutes later we were walking down the streets with the freshest baguette in the world that was literally burning hot from the oven.

We also stopped at the Bonjour Cafe which was full of old books...

And finished the day admiring the beautiful intricate architecture of Notre Dame.