Thursday, 5 September 2013

Keith Harring

 Today we went to the Musee D'art Moderne to see the Keith Harring exhibition. I was quite shocked at the lack of subtlety in his work, as Harring makes no attempt to candy coat or hide any of the sexual content in his oeuvre. The room was filled with penises. Some, mildly disguised in cartoons, while others simply made into giant cut outs. Harring makes no secret of his homosexuality in his work and some of his pieces of underlying messages about his powerful views on different aspects of society. His work is very critical; often displaying an individuals revolt against the state, capitalism and religion. Personally, I am not a fan of his work as although the symbolism and messages portrayed are very interesting, his work is not ascetically pleasing and I struggle to see much talent it. The exhibition, however, was still worth seeing as it was very exciting and shocking.


My day started in Les Halles which is an underground building where a food market used to be held. The shops were exploding with fluorescent clothing and tacky sparkly sandals but I was satisfied when we found a Starbucks. After a quick frappachino, we began our day. We passed the striking sculptures and colourful street art near the Pompidou Centre and walked along the traditional streets which were splattered with touches of modern architecture. We browsed in various vintage shops and stopped for a drink in the square. Next, we headed for a grand department store called Les Grandes Magasin.