Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Negev

I am surprised to say that my night sleeping in the desert was by my favourite place I slept in the whole of the tour of Israel. We were staying in a beautiful site full of thatched roofed huts and  hammocks. It was an explosion of pattern and colour - the orange and crimson stripes of the cushions around the fire place, the emerald aztec mats and the stacks of colourful blankets. 

Before fully settling down, we were taken for a quick viewing of the area on camels.

By the time we arrived back, everyone was starving. As I sat around my table I nervously anticipated what the food would be like, seeing as it hadn't been great so far on the trip. However, I really had no need to worry. The meal consisted of a fresh lemonade, home made homous with delicious salads and soft pitta breads as well as numerous rice dishes. After the meal, we were shown the two pots of traditional Bedouin tea which boiled by the fire. This was there for as all through the night so we could help our selves to unlimited cups of a sweet spiced and a strong herbal tea. I think I drunk around 15 cups of that sweet tea that night. 
We spent the evening chatting on the hammocks, exploring the desert as the sun set and listening to music. 

When it got dark we lay on the hammocks under the sparkling sky. I had never seen a sky with quite so many stars. Up until this night I had never seen a single shooting star but I somehow managed to see around ten in a night here.


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