Monday, 7 October 2013

The End of summer

After nearly three months of fun, the summer has finally come to an end. It really has been rather busy; beginning with classic english rainy bbqs, champagne and strawberries for breakfast, trips to Soho for tea, to Shoreditch for a roof top viewing of a 90s film and to Brick Lane for vintage shopping. Then there was a week of beaches, smoothies and cocktails in Gozo, followed by 16 days plein de art, culture and fashion in Paris. After 2 brief days in London, it was then Israel for a month; camping in the beautiful desert drinking sweet fragrant teas, lying on hammocks and snorkelling in the coral sea. Without managing to even catch up on sleep after that, the weekend of Reading approached us: three days of damp tents, pot noodles and incredible music. Then back to London for long lazy afternoon picnics in Kew Gardens, evening walks and of course fantastic food. 
It really was a perfect summer.

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