Monday, 19 August 2013

Les Puces

For 16 days, I stayed in an area called Saint Mande in Paris for a french exchange project. I was delighted to be taken on a tour around the area; to be charmed by the perfect symmetry of the trees that lined the flower brimmed town houses and admire the neatly kept parks. I was staying in a beautiful house with an old fashioned and authentic exterior but with a cool modern interior design.

 In the evening, I met up with some friends of Chloe (my french exchange). We bought ice creams from Berthillon and ate them strolling along the River Seine. That night was filled with such perfect moments; eating the best ice cream I have ever had of rich salted caramel and fragrant rose and raspberry whilst I watched the dainty light of the Eiffel tower in awe as it lightly danced along the surface of the water. The river was lit up and the scene was silent and serene.

The next day I went with Chloe's mother to do the grocery shopping from the local food market which is open twice a week. On saturdays, Chloe's mother buys fresh baguettes and croissants as well as fish, fruit and vegetables. I was so pleased to have accompanied her as it gave me a chance to absorb myself in the culture - trying samples of various sausages, listening to the aggressive French shouts at each stall and of course mixing with the pungent stench of various cheeses which circled the air.

After a lunch with Chloe's family, we set off for Les Puces flea market. This is predominately filled with furniture; some old, traditional and elegant to pieces which were radically quirky and extremely modern. I promised to myself here that I when I get a house, I will return to Les Puces market and purchase some beautiful furniture to create my home. The market was also full of vintage clothing which was extravagant and beautiful. I bought two vintage post cards of Paris.

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