Monday, 15 July 2013

No ceilings

Our time in Gozo were filled with long lazy days at different beaches which spilled into the early evenings and sometimes into the nights. We lay in the sun listening to Eddie Vedder and Peace, drunk numerous tropical smoothies, plunged into the azure waters of the Blue Lagoon and ate delicious dinners by the sea. 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Marsalforn Bay

With the poor public transport in Gozo, getting around is pretty difficult. We were told that walking to Marsalforn Bay would take 15 minutes, and either we were misinformed or we got very lost, but either way it took as a good hour or two.
However, despite the burning heat and the heavy bags full of beach towels that we had to carry, the walk was a wonderful adventure. It was a chance to admire the beautiful mosaics floors and observe the little details of the houses, such as how almost all of them had the first name of the resident tiled to the front. We picked some pretty flowers and had fun putting them in our hair like little girls.

It felt like a blessing when we spotted a little shop peeping behind the road we were walking down. It was a little fruit shop which was in front of the owner's farm, so everything was so fresh. We bought bags of juicy nectarines, crunchy pears and refreshing watermelon, as well as buying some pomegranate jam to have for breakfast the next day.

And after a bit more walking...

We finally arrived at Marsalforn Bay. We lay and relaxed in the afternoon sun with well deserved cocktails.

Friday, 12 July 2013


When we arrived in Nadur, we were charmed by the beautiful pastel colours of the houses and their frail and authentic designs. The houses were all dotted with reminders of the catholic faith of the community, such as golden crosses pinned to the walls or porcelain statues of Christian figures. 

In the evening, we meandered through the square which was alive with loud music from a marching parade and tonnes of children running around in party dresses. A statue of St Peter and St Paul was carried around, followed by the band. The streets were lined with brightly coloured hollow statues, yellow lights and colourful scraps of paper which gathered in clusters amongst the dust on the ground.