Monday, 8 October 2012

Italy Part 4

Amalfi to Possitano

Today we took a road trip all day. We stopped off at Amalfi, Possitano and a restauraunt in the mountains for lunch which was in between the two. 

Amalfi was beautiful. We spent about two hours wandering around the square, eating white chocolate and strawberry ice creams (which was the best ice cream I've had in my life), exploring an old church and looking into all the little shops. The beautiful lady in the last photo was sitting on her balcony when a group of people began to photograph her. Instead of getting frustrated, she stood up and waved at everyone below her, posing for everybody's pictures.

Our pizza for lunch was delicious and the view from the mountains was magnificent.

Positano is famous for its cotton, so we walked through uncountable shops of vibrant cotton clothing, as well as a lot of leather shoes and bags. Jamie and I bought a little bracelet from a small jewelry stall. 

In the evening, we helped the chef, Rosa, at Casa Vilarina make pizza. We had a lot of fun and they tasted amazing!

Italy Part 3 - Pompei

 Today we went to Pompei, which is a Roman village discovered after being buried underground after a volcano. We took a train to get there, in which we ate biscuits (which we had bought in Sorento as they were called 'Arielle'!)and listened to Italian music which was performed by a group of men.  

Italy Part 2


On the second day of our holiday, we were supposed to go to Sorrento at around ten, however, Jamie and I missed the bus. After wandering around a little square, desperately trying to find the time of the next bus we finally decided to explore the area. We walked up narrow cobbled streets and passed many colourful houses. I took the picture below, after admiring the bright tiles of this lady's house. She came out to greet us and we spoke for a bit with the little Italian that Jamie and I knew.I initially planned to take some photos of her tiled house, but then asked to take her picture. 

We finally got on our train to Sorrento at two. The drive was long but beautiful. When we arrived, we meandered through endless stalls of assorted types of pasta, lemons and colourful pottery. I bought a little leather purse, two vintage Italian film posters and some pasta.