Saturday, 22 December 2012

Tea at The Delauney

As part of my 16th birthday celebration, I went for afternoon tea at The Delauney in Convent Garden. We were confronted with huge three their cake stands which held numerous warm scones, finger sandwiches, little slices of cheesecake, miny bites of pistachio and cherry cake and lots more. After we had decided that we physically couldn't eat anymore, we wandered around convent garden; popping in to an adorable old sweet shop and admiring the  sparkly christmas lights.

I apologize for all these instagram pictures recently, but The Delauney is so fancy that you cannot take photos there, and I thought that my big black camera would attract a bit of attention.. 

I received wonderful presents, including a poster of Lolita, a vintage book on french films, a book on fashion blogging and also a trip to Paris from Sasha!We are going in spring, and I absolutely can't wait!

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