Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas Banquet

So, yesterday was my birthday. Unfortunately, I had two long exams during school, but I was pleased to eat yummy birthday cake for breakfast. I received the new ipod touch from my parents, which I have become obsessed with since I have finally downloaded instagram. I have been using my ipod as my camera over the last few days, especially tonight at mine and my friends' christmas dinner. We began with sausages and chestnuts with glasses of champagne; then roast chicken, roast potatoes and honey glazed carrots and then finally a dessert of chocolate cake, mince pies, chocolates and apple pie. We finished in the christmas spirit with christmas crackers and a game of sherades. It was so fun!

My parents also gave me some dvds as presents, including 'The Roman Holiday' which I just finished. It is a beautiful black and white film starring Audrey Hepburn who plays an innocent princess who desires to escape and explore the outer world. It was absolutely brilliant and made me miss Italy!

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