Monday, 26 November 2012

The Law of Desire

I somehow haven't managed to take my camera anywhere with me at the moment. Through parties and fantastic nights around town, I haven't taken a single photo over the last few weeks. 
Anyway, in the meantime I can share with you a bit about the Pedro Almodovar films which I have been watching. My mum is a huge fan of his work and so I decided to watch a few films from the box set. My favorite was 'Law of Desire' which is known to be his first explicitly gay movie - and is nothing like any film I have even seen before. However, it was certainly interesting and worth watching if you want to be transformed into a crazy world of lust, religion, jealousy and possession.

And I have some photography lined up for the next couple of weeks which will be linked to my art project, based around 1960s Britain. I'm thinking lots of bright bright swinging sixties colours, round sunglasses and lots of sparkle and shine.

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