Friday, 30 November 2012


One of my favorite things to do in winter is to sit talking in Starbucks with friends . I love wrapping my fingers around a mug of  hot gingerbread latte after walking around in the icy cold air and talking for hours. I have been spending my weekends doing a lot of this lately, which is perfect. I also had my friend, Rebecca's birthday tea party which was very cute and I took some pictures. 

I've been watching some amazing movies including Fight Club and The Dark Knight. The next of Almavador's films which I watched, however, was quite a disappointment. I was excited to watch what was described as one of his 'most disturbing film of all time', however Matador was based around an idea which I had seen before on various TV programs. Although I had never seen such a graphic portrayal of a necrophiliac, I was not at all shocked by the plot of the movie but only the explicitness of it. Nonetheless, I still plan to watch a few more.

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