Thursday, 23 August 2012

Violet Macaroons

Looking through this post, I realise the huge photo overload which I am uploading - but I have been simply unable to chose only a few photos which sum up my wonderful day which I spent with my beautiful American cousin, Rachel. Everything was just so pretty and I was snapping away constantly. It begun at our fancy breakfast at the Wolsey and then to a wander around Fortnum and Maison (where we bought a box of their chocolate truffles!), next a quick pop into the macaroon shop, Laudree (I bought violet and marshmallow flavour and Rachel bought salted caramel), after, a look around the impressionist art exhibition at the royal academy (which was absolutely beautiful but unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take any photos there) and finally to Soho Secret Tea rooms for a relaxing afternoon tea. When I get into taking pictures of pretty food, I simply get carried away - and our tea was no exception; especially when everything is so tastefully presented.

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