Thursday, 23 August 2012

Switzerland - Part 1

I've finally got wifi in my hotel room in Switzerland so I can share some photos over the first few days. The first few photos are from a long walk in the mountains. One day, my little cousins and I were stopped by a little Indian man who asked to give them a gift. To our surprise; in the middle of the mountains he got out some colourful balloons and made them into a teddy bear and a flower. My little cousins were ecstatic and delighted with their present - and the man simply tapped my aunt's shoulder and told her: 'just be happy and healthy' and disappeared off into the mountains. We were all wondering whether that really happened? It was simply so bizarre and special. 
Later that day we stopped for lunch at a little restaurant by a cliff where we all ordered the famous swiss national food of rosti and eggs. Rosti is basically the same as chips but cut into very thin pieces - almost like spaghetti; and about ten times as oily but nonetheless extremely delicious! 
Yesterday we went to the top of a snowy mountain called Jungfrau where we went to an ice palace and had fun tobogganing down icy slopes. My cousins looked like little eskimos in their adorable colourful snowsuits!


  1. you bunch of cuties! i need to go to switzerland again, these pictures are beauuutiful x

    1. Thank you! It was a wonderful trip, you should definitely go again!x

  2. omg nice pictures!! switzerland looks so beautiful and peaceful


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