Sunday, 15 July 2012

A Thousand Years

So this weekend was another partially spent with my Woody Allen box set - watching Broadway Danny Rose and The Purple Rose of Cairo (which is now my second favorite of his behind Manhattan). 
Today, my friend Annabel and I went on a trip to town to see the Picasso exhibition at the Tate Britain and then took a boat ride across the River Thames to the Tate Modern where we saw Damien Hurst's and Edward Munch's exhibition. Although photography is strictly prohibited in all the exhibitions; I managed to sneak a few at Damien Hurst's - of his bizarre piece consisting of a dead lamb head and another of a bowl of cigarettes, before getting told off by a security guard. The exhibition was full of numerous odd pieces which all tended to hold the same simplicity - making you wonder how a canvas painted plain orange or a cabinet filled with pills is worth thousands, when you could easily do the same at home. His work is very controversial - reinforcing the modern perspective of art where almost anything appears to be accepted and also being completely disgusting at parts. However, although extremely eery and grotesque his work is definitely unique and eccentric and is worth seeing.


  1. amazing!! I love anatomy so I would defintely enjoy that!

  2. You should certainly go and see it if you love anatomy! He has two pieces where you walk through a cow cut and half and can see all its insides!


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