Monday, 2 July 2012

Hampstead Heath

The last couple of days have been a weekend of movies, food and photography. I managed to watch a few of the movies which I had been dying to see for a months: Pulp Fiction, American Beauty, 7 , Take The Money And Run and Clockwork Orange which were all fantastic. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon in Hampstead Heath, taking photos of the pond for my art project which is predominately focused around Monet's paintings of water lilies. I spent hours trying to successfully capture the light and show the soft movements of the water, so that I could reflect this in my painting. 


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  2. oh I love the atmosphere in these pictures!! could we see the paintings?
    I also loved the cupcakes below ;)
    thank you so much for your comment, I already miss England !

    1. Thank you so much, I might upload them once I've finished :)
      And on you're blog it says you live in Paris - you're so lucky!! xx


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