Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Disney Land Paris!

Here are a few photos from Disney Land Paris yesterday. I recently discovered through the colour filter effects on my camera,that I could use 'cross section' to make my pictures sparkle! I had to restrain myself for doing this to every single picture. However, considering these photos were taken in Disney Land, the effect didn't look completely absurd and for the pictures I selected it worked brilliantly.

And today consisted of various crepe places and restaurants, different art galleries and exhibitions and the eiffel tower. We also came accross a little stand on a bridge where you buy a padlock - lock it to the fence and throw the key into the river to symbolize eternal love so I also took a few pictures of the thousands of padlocks locked to the wall.


  1. Hi Arielle,
    nice blog you have!! I love your wonderful pictures!

    I will of cause follow you too, sweatheart<3

    xx Dani


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