Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Cake and tea

    As the winter holidays have come to an end, the last few months of the freezing weather are rather depressing; without the two weeks of food, christmas and traveling to look forward to. So as we have emerged in early February - lacking the christmas holiday motivation, we are forced to suffer these cold months with  only our delightful spring exams to keep us going - oh joy. Anyway, trekking through the start of a blizzard on the weekend, I managed to attend a photography course I had planned for ages with my friend Lucy, at the V&A. It was specifically a portrait course so I was hoping to get to practice my photography in a studio, but we didn't do anything like this. However, we did get to edit our photos using photoshop and using effects that I hadn't before; such as merging more than one image into one frame. I would upload some pictures, but as I was told after sitting around for about an hour waiting for them to upload - the file is to big. grrrrr
   Anyway, after waiting the whole year for snow as it as a great opportunity to take some really amazing photos; I managed to avoid taking any serious pictures and spend what seemed like the whole day eating. So instead of the creative shots I would have liked to have presented - instead here are some photos of the nutella crepe, lots of tea and the cake days that have occupied me for the last few days.