Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Good bye laptop

Ever since I have arrived home from my holiday; my laptop is reminding me every day that I have no more space for photos on my computer. And being the lazy and computer hopeless person that I am; instead of putting my photos on to disks or on to one of those storage sites or whatever you are meant to do, I have resolved my crisis my deleting hundreds of photos which I really wish I hadn't. Anyway, as my computer seems to be breaking more every day, I have decided I must post some of my favorites from the last few years, as I would hate to loose them all. So sorry that this post will probably be quite boring but enjoy:
My favorite cafe in NYC
A cute photo of my brother and cousin
My cute family friend on holiday
Winter a few years ago 
My gorgeous little cousin
My little brother going up the CN tower
From summer a few years ago

My Nikon


  1. I love Nikon Cameras!!!!
    Your photography is pretty awesome too. =)

    new follower


  2. Just followed yours too, thank you very much :D


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