Sunday, 18 December 2011

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

My favorite time of the whole year is the two weeks after December 17th. December 17th is my birthday - the 25th is christmas; and the winter holidays are generally filled with the most enjoyable times and unique festive arrangements -and as this time of year has come around; it failed to disappoint. 
On my birthday, among my presents; I received an addition to my toy cameras - The Diana Mini that I had wanted for months. I love toy cameras because they let you experiment with photography manually; giving interesting effects that can't be received on SLR cameras. I loved the Diana Mini because it came with an attachable flash; as well as many sheets of coloured plastics to create interesting effects by changing the colour tint of the photo. It also enables you to create multiple and overlapping exposures. 

The day followed with a trip to Winter Wonderland with some of my best friends and then a birthday tea. Here are some pictures of my day and my rainbow birthday cake; along with some pictures from my christmas party.

I'm going on holiday tomorrow and taking with all my cameras, so expect to see some pictures with my Diana Mini in a few weeks. Also, I've planned a new photo shoot for January; inspired by one of my favorite films - Black Swan, so expect those photos soon too. 

Merry Christmas! xx

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